Penang – Indian Fish Head Curry

Nasi kandar is a northern Malaysian dish that originates from Penang. It consists of rice accompanied by various types of curries and vegetables that you fill your plate with.



Line Clear here in Penang is a Nasi Kandar place so famous for their fish head curry that Anthony Bourdain himself has praised it. Luckily for us it is only one street away from the hostel that we are staying at. We were waiting till today (Monday) to grab a table, since over the weekend when we passed by the line was enormous.


The fish head’s are HUGE, bigger than two of my hands side by side. The cheeks were so fleshy and the eyes so gooey.. the bones fell apart so easily that you didn’t have to work hard to pull the meat off. Kevin and I arrived a bit later than our friends (who had already finished their lunches) so we had a whole fish head to ourselves and were not able to finish it. It was delicious though.


Line Clear is 24 hours, so you can go at anytime of the day. It is located down an alley way next to another Nasi Kandar place. If you ever plan to go, make sure you find yourself in an alley not a restaurant. That is where the good curry is.


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