Spicy Chili Sambal – Amed, Bali

Mortar and Pestle
Small Frying Pan

10 Birds Eye Chilis (or Red Thai Chilis)
2-3 Cloves Garlic
3 Shallots
1 Roma Tomato (or 5-6 cherry tomatoes)
1 tsp Palm Sugar (aka Gulang Melaka)
2 Kaffir Lime Leaves (aka Limau Purut)
1 Calamansi Lime
1 Candlenut (or Macadamia Nut) – Soak in warm water before beginning to soften
*Shrimp Paste (aka Belachan)
Coconut Oil (or Peanut Oil)
Garnish: Basil

*I will use the brick kind, slice .5cm off and toast in a dry pan till just before it burns to release the flavours

Optional: Sweet Soy Sauce (aka Kecap Manis)

Step 1. Mortar and Pestle:

Prep the following and pound/grind together till a chunky paste
1. Dice the Chilis
2. Peel the Garlic
3. Dice the tomato (or quarter if using cherry tomatoes)
*TIP: add a pinch of salt to create a rough texture and help everything break apart faster

Step 2. Frying Pan:

Heat up 1 Tbs of Coconut Oil and fry the paste from the mortar and pestle until the oil starts to seperate (or till fragrant)

Step 2 (and a half). While Chili paste is frying:

1. Pound the toasted Belachan in a clean and dry mortar and pestle and remove the powder
2. Then combine the following with in the mortar and pestle and pound/grind
– Candlenut
– Palm Sugar
– Kaffir Lime Leaves – remove stem and slice into very thin strips
– Juice from 1 Calamansi Lime (remove seeds)
– 1 tsp of the Belachan powder

Step 3. The Sambal:

Combine the fried chili mix with the rest of the ingredients in the mortar and pestle and grind one last time until everything is mixed and broken down to fine pieces. Add salt if needed.

Optional: Can mix a bit of sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) in at the end :)

Garnish with Basil if you have any!


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