Singapore – Top 20 Things to Eat

Everyone keeps asking me what to eat in Singapore. And truth is, I don't venture out too far from where my grandparents live so it is hard for me to recommend places convenient to people traveling. But I did some research, confided in the blogs of trusted Singaporean Foodies and came up with this list.. … Continue reading Singapore – Top 20 Things to Eat

Penang – Indian Fish Head Curry

Nasi kandar is a northern Malaysian dish that originates from Penang. It consists of rice accompanied by various types of curries and vegetables that you fill your plate with. Line Clear here in Penang is a Nasi Kandar place so famous for their fish head curry that Anthony Bourdain himself has praised it. Luckily for us … Continue reading Penang – Indian Fish Head Curry

Penang Food Tour

We have finally made it to Penang. The eating capital of Malayisa. I am a HOOGE foodie, and a big part of this trip was to eat eat eat and try different asian cuisines and learn new tastes to add to my own cooking. Penang is famous for its Char Koay Teow, which we wasted … Continue reading Penang Food Tour